Linen pouf with buckwheat hulls

100 % Eco friendly linen pouf, filled with organic buckwheat hulls.

- Pouf made of natural European flax linen cord, with linen filling bag inside, and filled with locally grown (Lithuania), certified (Ekoagros) organic buckwheat hulls.

- Home interior details, made of this linen cord, has very unique raw look, rough texture, but also enjoyable to use. A combination of minimalistic, contemporary design and rustic, raw materials will make pouf a really special accessory of your living room or bedroom, will be perfect as ottoman, extra seat or meditation pillow. 

- 99 % waste free, GREEN product ( only plastic zipper in the filling bag). Flax linen is called organic by default, because no or very few pesticides are used in growing and no chemicals are used in processing linen cord.

-Also it is hypo-allergenic, do not attract dust, linen is 5 times more durable than cotton. I could name hundreds of advantages of linen, but you should try it by yourself, and you'll fall in love with it, as I did :) 
- Available only in natural flax linen colour (grey).

- approximate weight of one pouf 13,2 lbs (6 kg). 

- size 21,6 inch (55 cm) wide, 7,87 inch (20 cm) hight. 

-I recommend dry clean, but also upper layer can be removed and washed in washing machine even high temperature (linen gets a bit softer and brighter after washing in hight temperature.) 

Custom orders are welcome, please write me.