Natural linen pouf

- Made from natural, 100 % flax linen cord.

- Linen cord is made of raw flax linen. It is not bleached, not coloured, no chemicals are used.

- Flax linen is called organic by default, because no or very few pesticides are used in growing and no chemicals are used in processing linen cord.

- Pouf has a very nice and quite rough texture, rustic look. But it is very enjoyable to sit on, even for kids.

- It is easy to fill or refill. Linen filling bag has a zipper.

- Poufs are filled with polystyrene/Styrofoam balls.

- Available only in natural flax linen colour (grey)

- approximate weight of one pouf 3 kg

- size 50 cm wide, 25 cm hight.

-I recommend dry clean, but also upper layer can be removed and washed in washing machine even high temperature (linen gets a bit softer and brighter after washing in hight temperature.)

- It looks good in bedrooms, kids rooms and living rooms. Also it is hypo-allergenic, do not attract dust, linen is 5 times more durable than cotton. I could name hundreds of advantages of linen, but you should try it by yourself, and you'll fall in love with it, as I did :)

Custom orders are welcome, please write me.

If you have any questions, please write me, and I will be happy to help you.