Set of two linen poufs

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- Poufs are made of natural, not coloured, flax linen cord, with natural linen filling bag an Styrofoam balls in it.

-The size of pouf is 50 cm (19,6 inch) in diameter and 25 cm (9,8 inch) high.

- Available only in one colour - grey (natural linen colour)

- Linen is one of the most organic fabrics, because of a relatively small environmental impact, especially since linen is a structurally resilient and biodegradable material. So if you’re looking for green things for home, you should consider flax.

- Poufs are perfect in living rooms, kids room, for those who prefer natural materials, organic furniture and green decisions in their home.

- custom orders are welcome.

****Linen is known as very durable, strong fabric. Linen fabric 5 times more resistant to abrasion than cotton, it does not attract dust and is especially recommended for people sensitive to electrical charges. From ancient medicine is a well-known anti-allergic properties of linen, and effects against bacteria and fungi. Linen fabric - is organic, an environmentally friendly, completely waste-free product, the environment does not have any harmful effects**