Round linen rug

- Diameter of rug 180 cm.

- Rugs are made of natural, raw, flax linen cord. It has rustic texture, but it is nice to use, and has unique raw look.

- Available only in natural linen colour (grey).

- Natural flax linen is called organic by default, because no or very few pesticides are used in growing flax, and no chemicals are used in processing linen. It is NOT COLOURED, NOT BLEACHED.

- Flax has a relatively small environmental impact, especially since linen is a structurally resilient and biodegradable material. So if you’re looking for green rug, you should consider flax.

- It looks perfect in living rooms, either kids room. It is hypo-allergenic, do not attract dust. It goes perfect together with wood and natural Earth colours in interior.

- Linen is very durable, much more than cotton. It tolerates perfect high temperatures.

- it can take up to 14 days to make this item for you.

A rug in diameter of 180 cm weight 8 kg.

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****** Linen is known as very durable, strong fabric. Linen fabric 5 times more resistant to abrasion than cotton, it does not attract dust and is especially recommended for people sensitive to electrical charges. From ancient medicine is a well-known anti-allergic properties of linen, and effects against bacteria and fungi. Linen fabric - an environmentally friendly, completely waste-free product, the environment does not have any harmful effects.***********